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This site was founded by Laura whose friend, Jen, gave her Silent in the Grave that she read on a red-eye flight when she should have been sleeping.  She landed, finished the book and bought Silent in the Sanctuary, and then had to wait an excruciating six months to read Silent in the Moor, followed by an agonizing eighteen months for Dark Road to Darjeeling.

In those eighteen months, Laura somehow lost all her notes that she had kept to help keep all of Julia’s siblings straight.  Then, her very good friend Jen, tantalized her with some advanced readers copy tidbits of Dark Road to Darjeeling, and  it was obvious Laura was going to sorely miss those copious notes. So, while channeling her inner Portia, she decided other people would might like this website…cue one road trip to Newport News, Virginia to meet Deanna Raybourn, and Lady Julia’s Rookery was born…well…that and she wanted to talk about Nicholas Brisbane with other people who understand that fantasizing about an imaginary Romani/Scot from 100 years ago is perfectly normal.

Laura’s Bio:

Laura is a lover of many things: theatre, travel, Jane Austen, Dr. Who, Twilight, Narnia, Harry Potter…the list goes on. Really Laura’s idea of heaven would be living in a cottage in the UK and have Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Agatha Christie drop by for tea. Alas, this will not happen, but that’s why there is BBC America and friends in the UK who send her things!

Jen’s Bio

I am a lover of all things books, music, movies, and television but really it’s about the books.  I have traveled to every continent but 2 (South America and Antarctica), I have lived in Australia and visited England so many time I have lost track.  I dream of a day when I own a house big enough to actually have a library in it because yes, I have that many books!!

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