Valerius or Val is the youngest March sibling. He wants to be a doctor for women especially to prevent then from dying the way his mother did. For Julia’s year of mourning, he lived with her in Grey House.

The Earl March did not approve of a son in trade so Val worked in secret. Julia mistakenly thought Val had been involved in grave robbing when she found bloody shirts in her laundry. It turned out that the blood was from his patients who where mostly whores at a brothel.

Val was always unlucky at cards, but on one memorable occasion won a Tower Raven from Reddy Phillips. He convinces to help him hide the raven until he can figure out how to return it. The raven eventually becomes attached to Julia, she names it Grim and keeps it.

Val accompanied Julia to the gypsy camp in London when she went to look for Nicholas Brisbane.

Val currently works with Dr. Mordecai Bent in London.