Twelfth Earl March

The Twelfth Earl March is the father of ten children. He has been a widower since his wife died giving birth to his youngest son.  He encourages all his children to be responsible to the less fortunate and to live life to the fullest even if that means embracing the unconventional. He wants them to embrace the unofficial motto of the family “Audeo” which means “I dare”.

Ironically, he has a tempestuous relationship with several of his children because they don’t often see eye-to-eye: Monte over his political leanings, Valerius over his profession, Plum and Lysander over their professions. Since none of his children other than Julia and Portia are independently wealthy, he can often get them to do as his wishes or he will cut off their allowances.

He currently is pursuing a relationship with Hortense de Bellefleur (Fleur).