Bellemont March also known as Monty will inherit Bellmont Abbey and March House upon his father’s death. He will become the Thirteenth Earl March.

He is very conservative and holds Tory views in Parliament. At one time he was a member of the infamous Brimstone Club. He was blackmailed about his membership by Portia until he discovered Portia in a compromising position with another woman. He has a wife , Adelaide, who according to Portia is more conservative than Monty. He also has two children named Orlando and Virgilia.

Monty frequently disapproves of Portia and Julia’s behavior as he thinks it could bring scandal to the family name and hurt him politically.

Bellmont accompanies Orlando on a trip to Yorkshire to meet Orlando’s fiancee’s family. He is the first family member, aside from Portia, to hear about Julia’s engagement to Nicholas Brisbane.