Lady Julia’s Rookery Is Officially Open!

After a lot of work, we are proud to open Lady Julia’s Rookery, a fansite for Deanna Raybourn.

We have:

  • The Blog (which is where you are now) has character bios, a timeline of events, places, artwork, food (under construction), and current news. We are in process of updating character bios, timeline, and places through all of the books.¬† All of these items can be found on the top menus. Sometimes they take a second to load, so hold your mouse steady to help.

Here are some  features that we especially like:

The Portrait Gallery featuring fan art by Doris

Lady Julia in Costume featuring Jackie

Google images of actual locations. Whenever a place really exists we have tried to capture an image.

As for who, “we” are, we are fans like you. You can see the story of how and why we created this here.